REEVIOO offers you an easy way to connect with potential customers, so you can take a step back from marketing your business. That way, you can focus more on your service or products. Our review tool is elegant, simple and easy to use.

1. Choose your plan

You can choose from two listing plans at REEVIOO. The first listing plan is free and will always stay for free. You can collect up to 10 customer reviews per month in this plan. Every first day of the month, this number will automatically reset to 0. So you can actually collect unlimited reviews on your company page.

The PRO package offers more features: you can check the visitor statistics of your business profile page, design your own review widget and send up to 200 invitations to your customers.

Choose your favorite plan here.

2. Create a business page

Creating a business page with REEVIOO is super easy, we have you all the techical work for you!

Once you’ve chosen a package, you can add a business description, your logo and contact information, opening hours, and Social Media links to your own business page. You determine the look and feel of your own business page.

3. More customers and more sales with a review widget

When you use our review tool, you will receive your own business page. Let’s be honest, the problem with most review tools is that most of them – despite being very functional – did not pay much attention to the design. At REEVIOO we did! If you choose the PRO package, you can even design your own review widget. You determine the colors, backgrounds, fonts, and visible elements in your widget.

At REEVIOO you have more features than you would ever want or need. Even in our free package. Questions about our services? Feel free to contact us.


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